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Rotary shaft freezing process in new energy automobile motor assembly

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As the market for new energy vehicles has gradually expanded, the new energy motor manufacturing industry has also grown. Then, for the motor manufacturer, the rotor into the core process during the motor assembly process is particularly important, which determines whether the shaft will bend during operation, which affects the service life of the motor.

When the motor is used for the shaft and rotor set, the rotor and the shaft are generally used with a large interference fit. When the rotor core is hot-sleeve, the operating temperature of the iron core and the ribbed shaft (the temperature is especially different when the temperature is different, and the temperature is very critical); before the operation, the rotor needs to be preheated, but due to the rotor Insulation materials are generally used in Class F insulation. The preheating temperature of the rotor can only reach 150 °C. Therefore, only the rotor heating can not achieve the purpose of gap setting. It is often necessary to use special hydraulic equipment to realize the operation. In this way, not only will it affect the quality of its fit, it may even damage its mechanical strength.

A method for processing a rotor core of a motor, comprising the steps of: laminating a rotor core; heating the rotor core into an oven to 200 ° C for 2.5 hours; and freezing the shaft through a freezing device to – 120 ° C, heat preservation for 25 minutes; take the rotor core out of the oven, place it in the center of the hydraulic press, and simultaneously insert the shaft into the core, if necessary, pressurize it in place; match the arc key and the key, heat the core end Support plate and weld.

There is such a compressor to cool the heating device while cooling the motor. The LNEYA KRY-4 series is used for lifting temperature and constant temperature control in new energy motor assembly. It is especially suitable for heat dissipation and heat release process control during testing. The temperature range is -40 °C ~ + 120 °C. For the charge management of the power battery, the precision temperature control device for testing the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the switched reluctance motor, the asynchronous motor and its controller can realize the local + remote control mode through the liquid crystal control panel. The entire system is a fully enclosed system. There is no oil mist at high temperatures, while low temperatures do not absorb moisture from the air. The system does not increase pressure due to high temperatures during operation and automatically replenishes the heat medium at low temperatures.

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