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You Must Not Know the Low Temp Freezer Technology

For freezer, everyone knows they are used to store things. However, for this operation, we do not necessarily know that I will popularize the ultra low temp freezer today.

The temperature of the ultra low temp freezer can reach minus 60 degrees Celsius. This harsh temperature can not be achieved for the all refrigerators. The working principle of cascade refrigeration is adopted in ultra-low temperature refrigeration system, and refrigeration is used in high and low temperature closed compressor. Copper tubes of low-temperature evaporators are directly attached to the outer side of the inner box in the form of coils, and are filled with thermal conductive mortar in the gap between the coils and the wall of the box to increase the heat exchange effect. The condenser evaporator is shell-and-tube structure with four-tube threaded copper tube inside, adopting counter-current heat exchange mode.

When the power supply is connected, the first stage compressor starts first when the panel display temperature is higher than the set temperature and the first stage refrigeration system starts to work, which makes the condenser temperature of the second stage refrigeration system drop, that is, the refrigerant temperature of the second stage decreases. After delay of the several minutes, the second stage refrigeration system also starts to work. Its evaporator is on the inner wall of the refrigerator, which can make the temperature of the interior refrigerator decreases a lot. The heat emitted by the condenser is absorbed by the evaporator of the first refrigeration system. The heat emitted by the first condenser is scattered in the air.

When the internal temperature of the refrigerator reaches the set temperature, the resistance of the temperature sensor transmits the information, and the control relay loses power and disconnects and the two-stage refrigeration system stops working. When the temperature in the refrigerator rises again and exceeds the set temperature, the refrigerator repeats the above operation process again, so that the temperature in the refrigerator remains at the set temperature.

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