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What Are the Features of the Glycol Refrigeration System

The difference between the glycol refrigeration system and the general refrigeration system is that the glycol solution is used as refrigerant to run the refrigeration system. The glycol refrigeration system is widely used. It can be used in many industries, such as medicine, chemical industry, cold storage and so on. Each part of the system has its own advantages and characteristics.


Compressor brands are diverse at different temperatures, and imported compressors at different temperatures are different at the temperature of-50-150 C and -45-150 C. The glycol refrigeration systems at the temperature of -50-150 C are: Duling semi-closed compressor in Italy; glycol refrigeration systems at the temperature of -45-150 C are: Emerson Valley scroll flexible compressor, which are all the compressors having the brand, using more reliable and runs smoothly.

Water-cooled condenser

The water-cooled condenser which can be cleaned adopts a sleeve heat exchanger, which is connected to the tube board and equipped with safety valve to ensure the safe operation of the glycol refrigeration system.

Fully closed system

The whole refrigeration system of glycol refrigeration system is a fully closed system. There will be no oil mist at high temperature and no moisture absorption in the air at low temperature. The pressure of the system will not rise at high temperature and the heat conducting medium will be automatically supplemented at low temperature.

The expansion valve

The imported Emerson expansion valve is used to throttle the cryogenic and high-pressure supercooled liquid to low-temperature and low-pressure liquid, and automatically adjust the flow rate of refrigerant into the evaporator according to the evaporation temperature, and maintain a certain pressure, so as to ensure the evaporation rate in the evaporator.


The evaporator of the Emerson brand is used to gasify the compressed and liquefied refrigerant from liquid to gaseous, and absorb heat at the same time, which is to reduce the temperature of the surrounding medium and play a refrigerating role.


Using R-404A environmental friendly refrigerant as refrigerant of glycol refrigeration system meets the requirements of current society on environmental protection and the trend of the public.
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