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Low Temperature Thermostat Bath

Low temperature thermostat is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronic instruments, physical, chemical and biological engineering, medicine and health, life sciences, food industry, physical testing and chemical analysis and research departments, universities, enterprises and production quality inspection departments, for the user to work to provide a heat source temperature field controlled, uniform and constant constant temperature test, or test on the test samples or products, but also can be used as direct heating or cooling and heating or cooling cooling or heating.
Low temperature thermostatic bath is widely used to provide a user with a controlled and uniform temperature field source, a constant temperature test for a test sample or a produced product be used as a heat source or cold source for direct heating or cooling or auxiliary heating or cooling.
1. The liquid medium must be added first in the low temperature or constant temperature bath before using, otherwise, the heater will be damaged when the electricity is working. The liquid surface of the medium should be lower 30mm than the working plate.
2. The selection of liquid medium in low temperature and constant temperature bath should be in accordance with the following principles:
3. When the working temperature is at 5℃~85 ℃, choose water as the liquid medium.
4. When the working temperature is at 85℃~95 ℃, choose 15% glycerol solution as the liquid medium.
5. When the working temperature is below 5 centigrade, choose alcohol or frozen liquid as the liquid medium.
6. When the cryogenic thermostat switch is closed, the refrigeration switch should be opened for a 10~20 minutes interval (depending on the ambient temperature).
7. Low temperature constant temperature bath power: 220V50Hz, the power of the power supply should be greater than the total power of the instrument. The power supply must have a good "grounding" device.
8. The low temperature and constant temperature bath should be placed in the dry and ventilated place, and there are no obstacles in the 300mm around the instrument. When low temperature and constant temperature bath temperature is low, don't put hands into the slot, in order to prevent frost injury. After using, all switches should be closed and the cut the power off. Clean the Low Temperature Thermostat Bath frequently and keep the work table and the operation panel clean.
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