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Refrigerated Circulators

  • LT -45℃~30℃

    LT -45℃~30℃

    April 10, 2018Low Temperature Cooling Chiller LT model: LT-5018N,LT-5040N,LT-5062N,LT-5090N,LT-50A1N,LT-50A2N;view
  • Condenser Cooling Circulator

    Condenser Cooling Circulator

    April 17, 2020view
  • Ultra-low Recirculating Chiller Used for component test temperature control

    Ultra-low Recirculating Chiller Used for component test temperature control

    July 9, 2020high and low temperature testing of semiconductors equipmentview
  • Chillers


    January 11, 2018Industrial chiller, industrial water chiller, industrial water chiller, screw chiller, fluid cooler, Wuxi LNEYA Company as a professional industrial chiller manufacturers and industrial chiller suppliers of cold water machine, deep refrigeration industry.view
  • HR -25℃~200℃

    HR -25℃~200℃

    January 11, 2018InformationRefrigeration heating circulator, Heating and cooling circulators, Heating and cooling systems, Heating refrigeration circulators, Refrigeration heating thermostats, Heating refrigeration thermostatsview
  • Distillation Chiller

    Distillation Chiller

    April 17, 2020ModelLD-4WLD-6WLD-8WLD-12WLD-20WLD-30WLD-40WLD-60WLD-90WLD-120WTemperatureRange-80°C~ -30°CCoolingCapacityAt -60°C6kw9kw12kw18kw30kw45kw60kw90kw135kw180kw5160Kcal/h7740Kcal/h10320Kcal/h15480Kcal/h2...view
  • Distillate Separation Cooling System

    Distillate Separation Cooling System

    April 17, 2020view
  • HRT -45℃~250℃

    HRT -45℃~250℃

    January 11, 2018InformationHuman Design, More Convenient and Flexible. Factory Price · Provide Local Services · Most Popular Brandview
  • LT -60℃~-20℃

    LT -60℃~-20℃

    April 10, 2018Model:LT-6518N,LT-6530N,LT-6562N,LT-6590N,LT-65A1N,LT-65A2WN;view
  • Water Cooled Chillers

    Water Cooled Chillers

    March 7, 2023Inhale cooling water from outside to reduce the temperature of circulating fluid.The circulating fluid directly cools the object, but if it remains unchanged after the heat is exhausted, the water tem...view
  • LT -80℃~-20℃

    LT -80℃~-20℃

    April 10, 20181. The temperature of heat transfer fluid can be adjustable.view
  • LT -105℃~-60℃

    LT -105℃~-60℃

    April 10, 2018Laser processing, heating part of the welding machine, laser marking device, chemical reaction plant, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, etc.view
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