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Industrial Chiller

  • SLJ -110℃~-150℃

    SLJ -110℃~-150℃

    January 11, 2018Temperature ranges from - 5 ~ - 150 ℃, can meet different temperature; Adopt environmental protection refrigerants; Famous brand semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed bipolar piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, main brand are BOCK.view
  • LT -45℃~30℃

    LT -45℃~30℃

    April 10, 2018Low Temperature Cooling Chiller LT model: LT-5018N,LT-5040N,LT-5062N,LT-5090N,LT-50A1N,LT-50A2N;view
  • 2020 CPhI China The 20th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition

    2020 CPhI China The 20th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition

    December 17, 2020December 16-18 Booth number: W5P08 Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong)view
  • Won the second place in the 2022

    Won the second place in the 2022

    December 5, 2022On November 18, 2022, it was sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Association for Science and Technology, the Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Tec...view
  • Home


    December 12, 2016view
  • Refrigerated Circulators

    Refrigerated Circulators

    January 11, 2018Water cooled / air cooled chillersview
  • LC  -25°C~ 5°C

    LC -25°C~ 5°C

    January 11, 2018Medium-sized low-temperature freezer/ultra low temperature recirculating chillers, refrigeration temperature range from -25 ℃ ~ -5℃, safe, reliable, rapid cooling for the liquid, widely used in petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and freeze-dried, military and other high-tech industries.view
  • FL-WS 5℃~30℃

    FL-WS 5℃~30℃

    August 27, 2018Specification1.The standard design conditions are: chilled water:outlet water temperature 7 ° C, return water temperature 12 ° C; condensing temperature 40 ° C.2.Due to continuous updating of produ...view
  • Solvent Extraction Chiller

    Solvent Extraction Chiller

    April 17, 2020Accelerated solvent extraction (ASE), a technology that combines high temperature and high pressure with a liquid solvent.Solvent extraction of metals should be performed at 30-40 °C. The ideal tempe...view
  • Honor


    January 13, 2023view
  • Chillers


    January 11, 2018Industrial chiller, industrial water chiller, industrial water chiller, screw chiller, fluid cooler, Wuxi LNEYA Company as a professional industrial chiller manufacturers and industrial chiller suppliers of cold water machine, deep refrigeration industry.view
  • Ultra-low Temperature Chillers

    Ultra-low Temperature Chillers

    January 11, 2018The basic principle of Ultra-Low Temp. Water-Cooled Chiller-drying is that under ultra-low temperature, the movement of molecules is slowed down until the surface of the trapped and frozen cryogenic coiled tubes is slowed downview
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