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AH Series High Calories

AH Series High Calories

  • AH Series High Calories
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AH Series High Calories

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Suitable for high heat release-----Refrigeration heating temperature control system
AH series-applied to SUS Reactor, temperature difference >150℃

Rapid cooling of high-temperature reaction
Polymerization reaction
Rapid heat-up and cool-down temperature

Model AH-235W
Medium Temperature Range -25℃~200℃ -25℃~200℃ -25℃~200℃ -25℃~200℃
Control mode Feedforward PID+ fuzzy self-built tree algorithm PLC controller
Communication Communication interface MODBUS RTU communication protocol
Temperature Control Selection Material temperature control
Programmable 10 programs can be programmed, each program can prepare 40 steps
Temperature Feedback Thermal medium temperature feedback PT100
Material temperature feedback PT100
Refrigeration Host The cooling unit temperature can be set separately
Material Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃ ±1℃ ±1℃ ±1℃
Heating Power 3.5kW 5.5kW 7kW 10kW
Cooling capacity 200℃ 3.5kW 5.5kW 7kW 10kW
100℃ 3.5kW 5.5kW 7kW 10kW
20℃ 3.5kW 5.5kW 7kW 10kW
-5℃ 3 kW 4.5 kW 6.6 kW 8kW
-20℃ 1.8kW 2.8kW 3.8kW 4.6kW
Circulating Pump Flow, Pressure Max35L/min Max50L/min Max75L/min Max110L/min
Compressor Emerson Valley Wheel
Evaporator High force plate heat exchanger
Expansion Valve Danfoss
Operation Panel 7-inch color touch screen, temperature curve display \EXCEL data export
Security Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection;
High-pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other security functions.
Closed Circulation System The whole system is a fully enclosed system, there will be no oil mist at high temperature, and low temperature will not absorb moisture in the air.
The system does not increase the pressure due to high temperature during operation, and the heat medium is automatically replenished at a low temperature.
Refrigerant R-404A R-404A R-404A R-404A
Connection Size DN20 DN20 DN25 DN40
Water-Cooled W 800L/H 1200L/H 2000L/H 2900L/H
Temperature 20℃ 1.5bar~4bar 1.5bar~4bar 1.5bar~4bar 1.5bar~4bar
Dimensions Water-Cooled 500*680*1250 620*680*1250 700*700*1650 700*800*1650
Air-Cooled 500*680*1450 620*680*1450 750*750*1650 1100*800*1650
重量 Water-Cooled 160kg 235kg 315kg 390kg
Air-Cooled 195kg 265kg 355kg 425kg
Source AC 380V 50HZ 6kW(max) 8kW(max) 11kW(max) 14kW(max)
Shell Material SUS 304 SUS 304 SUS 304 SUS 304


Typical application of refrigeration heating temperature control system

Dynamic thermostatic control of cold and heat source of high pressure reaction kettle, dynamic thermostatic control of double layer glass reaction kettle, and dynamic thermostatic control of cold and hot source of double-layer reactor.

Microchannel reactor thermostatic control, small temperature control system, steam - feeding system temperature control, material low temperature aging test.
The thermostatic control of the combined chemical cold source heat source, the cooling heating of the semiconductor equipment and the heating temperature of the vacuum chamber are controlled.

Advantages and functions of temperature control system of refrigeration

Temperature range from 120 to 350, performance superior, unique, high - precision, intelligent temperature control.
High cooling power from 0.5 to 1200kW, highest production stability and repeatable results.
Multi-function alarm system and safety function, use plate heat exchanger, tube type heater to increase heating and cooling rate.
7-inch and 10-inch color TFT touch screen graphics display, use magnetic drive pump, no re-seal leakage problem.
Full airtight system, extended thermal conductivity liquid life, very wide temperature range, no need to change liquid media.
Ultra-high temperature cooling technology can be cooled directly from 300 degrees of high temperature.
The principle and the function has many advantages to using staff: because only expansion of cavity in the body heat conduction medium contact with oxygen in the air (and expansion tank temperature at room temperature to 60 degrees), can achieve lower heat conduction medium absorbed by oxidation and the risk of air moisture.
No heat conduction medium evaporates at high temperature, and it can be achieved -80 ~ 190 degrees, -70 ~ 220 degrees, -88 ~ 170 degrees, -55 ~ 250 degrees, -30 ~ 300 degree continuous temperature control without pressurization.

Adopt full closed pipe design, adopt high efficiency plate heat exchanger, reduce the demand of heat conduction liquid, improve the heat utilization rate of the system, reach the rapid lifting temperature.Thermal conductive medium in a closed system, with a container, expand the heat-conducting medium not participate in circulation in the container, whether high or low temperatures, expansion tank temperature to room temperature to 60 degrees, can reduce the heat conduction medium in running the risk of absorb the moisture and volatile.


SUNDI/UST series

Control Mode

Feedback PID + Our special dynamic control calculation, Lneya PLC controller


Material reaction temp.control mode and jacket temp.control mode

Program Editor

10 programs, each program can edit 45 steps.

Communication Portocol

MODBUS RTU Protocol,RS485 interface

Optional  Ethernet interface/R232 interface


The temperature of three points: the inlet and outlet of heat-conducting medium, material in reactor(External temperature sensor), PT100 sensor

Material temp. feedback

Material temp. feedback:PT100 or 4~20mA or communication given


Temp. difference

Set or control oil outlet temp and reactor material temp. difference

Set or control equipment liquid inlet temp. And liquid outlet temp. Difference( keep system safe)

Material temp.accuracy

±1℃ (sometimes ±0.5℃)

Thermal medium temp. accuracy


Closed circulation system

The whole system is full closed circulation, there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature, pressure do not rise up when system is running. The system will supply oil automatically at low temperature.


Heating max output power

The heater has triple protection and independent temperature limiter to ensure the safety of heating system.

The power is greater than 15KW with a voltage regulator, and the heating power output control adopts 4-20ma linear control.

Cooling capacity

The power of taking away the heat at different temperature

Circulation flow rate and pressure

Lower than 75L/min, use Lneya Magnetic pump

Higher than 75L/min use Ultra wide temperature high energy efficiency centrifugal pump.

Pressure selection: 2bar 3bar 5bar 8bar(small power equipment can not customize)

The greater the pressure, the greater the power of the motor, which will increase the system load and reduce the cooling capacity of the system.


Different type different brand compress

Mitsubishi, skop, Emerson, Danfoss, Italy Dorin, German blog, bizell, French Tecumseh.


KAORI Plate heat exchanger

Oil separator


Drying filter


Shock tube




Expansion valve

Emerson thermal expansion valve/Emerson electronic expansion valve/danfoss thermal expansion valve.

Select different expansion valves with different temperature and cooling capacity.

Operation panel

Lneya 7-inch touch screen,show temp curve\EXCEL data output

Optional Siemens explosion - proof touch screen.(Place the operation panel outside the site area.)

optional GMP, FDA operation and record module (operator use record, data record, alarm record, etc.)

Safety protection

Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay,thermal protection device, liquid low level protection, high temperature protection and temperature fault protection.


R-404A / R404A R23 mixture/ R404A R23 R14 mixture

interface size

G1/2、G3/4、G1、DN25 DN32 DN40 DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100(PN10 RF)

Water-cooling W

 With W is water cooled type, lower than -60 degree equipment, you need use 7-25 degree cooled water

Water cooled condenser.

Tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, tube condenser.

packless、sheng、KAORI、JINDIAN、XIAOLING etc


AC 380V 50HZ Three-phase five-wire system.  Small power 220V 50HZ single phase

Optional 460V 60HZ、220V 60HZ three-phase  

Shell material

Standard shellSUS 304,optionalspraying plastics (color 7035)

Isolation of explosion-proof


Lneya explosion-proof product installation license number.:PCEC-2017-B025

Positive pressure explosion-proof

optioanl(EXPXdmbIICT4) The positive pressure system must be water-cooled type

Lneya explosion-proof product installation license number:PCEC-2017-B025

Self pressurizing system

Optional self-pressurized 3bar system, the temperature of the system can be expanded, the expansion tank is normal pressure.

KDOC-80 can be used in a pressurized system with a maximum temperature of 250 degrees (-85 degree ~ 250 degree).

KDOC-220 can be used in the self-pressurized system with maximum temperature to 320 degrees (-50 degree ~ 320 degree).

KDOC-210 can be used in a self-pressurized system with a maximum temperature of 300 degrees (-70 degree ~ 300 degree)


Optional flow/pressure sensor, display flow and pressure on the touch screen.

Optional control flow/pressure.

One for two system

Optional one for two systems: the costis lower than one to one system.

One unit heating and cooling machine contains two circulation system, two cooling system, two heating systems, one expansion system, one electrical system.

High exothermic control

Customizable high heat control system algorithm and components.

flow reactor temperature control module.

It can be used in the flow reactor temp control system (pump, internal circulation system, control algorithm, refrigeration)

With the progress of the society, the industrial development is also in a fast speed. Thus the refrigeration circulator has bee paid a lot of enterprises' attention.

Now a lot of chemical plants and laboratory research institutes, schools have a big demand for this, which can heat and cool at the same time. Its maximum temperature range can be achieved: - 25 ~ 200 degrees to make sure it can cool instantly under the condition of high temperature, which can realize continuous temperature control 200 to 25 degrees.

Compared with other enterprises, our refrigeration circulator's working temperature has a wide range, because our refrigeration equipment is a closed system. When at a low temperature it will not absorb moisture. While at a high temperature it will not produce oil mist. Heat conduction oil can adapt a very wide range of working temperature. Solenoid valves are not used throughout the circulation system. The circulation management is completely sealed without oil mist and water absorption, which guarantees the safety of the experiment and the life of the thermal conductivity. It also has a variety of security features.
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