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Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

LNEYA cooling and heating system has superior performance, high precision, intelligent temperature control, and a very wide temperature control range from -120 ℃ ~ 350 ℃, which is suitable for the constant temperature control needs of most enterprises. The temperature control accuracy of the product can reach ± 0.5 ℃, and the refrigeration power can be provided from 0.5kW to 1200kW. Can be used for temperature control of agitator tanks and reactors in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, as well as temperature testing in automotive industry test stations, whether for climate simulation or performance and material testing; SUNDI series is typically used for: high pressure reactions Kettle cold and heat source dynamic constant temperature control, double glass reaction kettle cold and heat source dynamic constant temperature control, double-layer reaction kettle cold and heat source dynamic constant temperature control, micro-channel reactor cold and heat source constant temperature control; small constant temperature control system, steaming and saturation system control Temperature, material low temperature and high temperature aging test, combined chemical cold source heat source constant temperature control, semiconductor equipment cooling and heating, vacuum chamber cooling and heating constant temperature control.

Cooling and Heating Circulators are suitable for professional applications in test benches, reactors, climatic chambers or distillation instruments in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, mineral oil, automotive or electrical engineering industries, and can achieve dynamic temperature changes and custom compact sizes.

Note: Both Air Cooled Chillers And Water Cooled Chillers Are Available. Explosion Proof Cabinet Can Be Customized.

What is a chiller? What is the specific role of a chiller?

Commercial chillers are not uncommon in modern industry. The market demand is large, and in the same way, competition is also great. When choosing, it is inevitable to entangle. Today, let Guanya Refrigeration take everyone to understand the world of chillers! What is it? The following is just a brief introduction:

Working Principle
The chiller is a refrigeration device that achieves a certain cooling effect through a vapor compression or absorption cycle, also called: a cooling water circulator, a refrigerator, a cooler, an ice water machine, an industrial chiller, a low-temperature chiller, etc. Because the use range is comparative extensive, so the name is more.

Practical Application
In the industry, it is used very often. Chiller sales told everyone, generally used in: cooling of the heating parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including single wafer washing transfer, printing presses, automatic clamping seat installation device, spraying device, ion A plating apparatus, an etching apparatus, a single wafer processing apparatus, a slicer, a packaging machine, a temperature management of a developer, an exposure apparatus, a heating apparatus for a magnetization part, and the like.

The cooling of the heat generating part of the laser device: laser processing, heating part of the fusion splicer, laser marking device, generating device, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, and so on.

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