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Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

Water chiller plant is also known as: chiller plant, air chiller, icommercial chiller, etc., because all walks of life are widely used, so the requirements for chillers are different. Because the use of all walks of life is more extensive, so the demand for water chiller is different. Its principle is a multi-functional machine that removes the liquid vapor through a compression or thermal absorption refrigeration cycle.

What is a chiller? What is the specific role of a chiller?

Commercial chillers are not uncommon in modern industry. The market demand is large, and in the same way, competition is also great. When choosing, it is inevitable to entangle. Today, let Guanya Refrigeration take everyone to understand the world of chillers! What is it? The following is just a brief introduction:

working principle
The chiller is a refrigeration device that achieves a certain cooling effect through a vapor compression or absorption cycle, also called: a cooling water circulator, a refrigerator, a cooler, an ice water machine, an industrial chiller, a low-temperature chiller, etc. Because the use range is comparative extensive, so the name is more.

Practical application
In the industry, it is used very often. Chiller sales told everyone, generally used in: cooling of the heating parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including single wafer washing transfer, printing presses, automatic clamping seat installation device, spraying device, ion A plating apparatus, an etching apparatus, a single wafer processing apparatus, a slicer, a packaging machine, a temperature management of a developer, an exposure apparatus, a heating apparatus for a magnetization part, and the like.

The cooling of the heat generating part of the laser device: laser processing, heating part of the fusion splicer, laser marking device, generating device, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, and so on.
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