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Refrigeration and heating equipment TCU used in temperature control of pharmaceutical reactor

Advantages of using single fluid heat transfer temperature control system:
A. The user can obtain a closed and repeatable temperature control in a wide temperature range, which can achieve a temperature control of -120 degrees to 300 degrees;
B. The need to replace the traditional equipment and facilities and the maintenance of the jacket is avoided; the smaller fluid volume also ensures the rapid response of the control loop and the thermal reaction delay is very small;
C. Built-in electric heating and heat conduction oil auxiliary system can automatically turn on the auxiliary heating system according to the demand to reduce the steam use pressure;
D. The energy requirements can be saved by quickly running and accurately matching the heat requirements;
E. Control the temperature of the entire reaction process through accurate and fast calculation, and perform rapid response control for the exothermic and endothermic reactions that occur during the entire reaction process;
F. Standard interfaces are reserved, which can add heat and cold source heat exchange modules according to actual needs

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