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High and low temperature control for new energy vehicle parts testing

KRY-4A25W/3S Product Video
Connect the test object to a test platform adapter; the inside of the component is cooled and heated by an aqueous glycol solution; the test component needs to undergo a specific temperature change curve and record the temperature change.

The temperature range usually ranges from -40 to 100 degrees (expandable to 150 degrees). While controlling the temperature, you can also choose to control the flow or pressure; equipped with a powerful circulation pump, while ensuring the delivery of high-viscosity liquids; The variable frequency adjustment or proportional adjustment valve is used to control the flow output, and the high-precision control of the total range of 5% to 100% is achieved.

The product is suitable for a new generation of energy-type battery packs, which can effectively test the battery pack's superior environmental adaptability, improve the safety and reliability of the entire vehicle, and ensure the good operation of the vehicle in a variety of complex environments.
The products are widely used in the ultimate performance test of motors and battery packs, rapid thermal shock tests, and comprehensive environmental adaptability evaluation tests.

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