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Solvent Extraction Chiller

Solvent Extraction Chiller

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Accelerated solvent extraction (ASE), a technology that combines high temperature and high pressure with a liquid solvent.
Solvent extraction of metals should be performed at 30-40 °C. The ideal temperature range for petroleum ether organic solvent extraction is 40-60 °C, 60-80 °C or 80-100 °C

The effect of temperature on the extraction rate of monosaccharides, sucrose and raffinose oligosaccharides in plant raw materials. Extract roasted soybean powder, cottonseed powder, pea and feed mixture in 50% (v / v) or 80% (v / v) methanol or ethanol aqueous solution at 20 or 50 °C or 50 °C. The boiling point of the solvent. The extraction in 80% (v / v) alcohol is greatly affected by the extraction temperature, and the maximum extraction rate can only be reached at the boiling point. Extraction with water and 50% (v / v) methanol or ethanol is less sensitive to heat and gives comparable results. Ethanol aqueous solution (50%, v / v) is as effective as 50% (v / v) methanol, and at higher alcohol strength, the yield is lower.

The derivatization process included adding 1 mL of toluene to the reaction test tube containing the extract and then adding 2 mL of 1% sulfuric acid to methanol. The test tube was sealed and heated to 50 °C for 8 hours. After cooling, 5 mL of 5% aqueous sodium chloride solution was added and shaken to dissolve the water-soluble elements and promote phase separation. )

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