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Rotary Evaporator Cooling System

Rotary Evaporator Cooling System

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The main purpose of the rotary evaporator is to increase the evaporation rate of the solvent. It does this in three ways:

1. Vacuum reduces the pressure in the system and lowers the boiling temperature of the solvent.

2. Rotation increases the surface area of the solvent.

3. Heat the solvent in a water bath.

In order to work effectively, the rotary evaporator system usually includes the following main components:

Rotary evaporator and glassware

Chiller or other coolant source

Vacuum pump

Vacuum controller or regulator

Tubing connecting parts

There are two external connectors on the condenser for cooling water, one end is connected to the water, and the other end is connected to the outlet water. Generally, the tap water is connected. For vacuum.

The condenser part of the rotary evaporator is used to cool the evaporated solvent and transfer it to a collection bottle.

Certain applications, such as when using low-boiling solvents, require the use of a dry ice condenser. Some people only use dry ice condensers because it is more convenient, but they need a source of dry ice. If a dry ice condenser is not used, the condenser needs to be supplied with coolant. Usually, the coolant is provided by the cooler.

This will cool the liquid (coolant), such as water, and provide the condenser with a circulating supply of this liquid. This means that there is always coolant flowing through the condenser, ready to condense the evaporated solvent.

When choosing a cooler, the important factor to consider is its cooling capacity. If this is lower than the heating capacity of your rotary evaporator at the required coolant temperature, you may not be able to keep up.

Another important thing to consider is the pressure that will be generated when pumping coolant through the condenser. Glassware may break under too high pressure, so you may need to use a cooler whose maximum pressure output is lower than the rated pressure of the glass.

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