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Reactor Circulating Chiller

Reactor Circulating Chiller

Reactor Circulating Chiller

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When the material needs to be heated or cooled during the reaction, a jacket can be provided at the reactor wall, or a heat exchange surface can be provided in the reactor, or heat can be exchanged through an external circulation.

The operating conditions of the reactor mainly refer to the operating temperature and operating pressure of the reactor. Temperature is a sensitive factor that affects the reaction process. A suitable operating temperature or temperature sequence must be selected to allow the reaction process to proceed under optimized conditions. For example, for a reversible exothermic reaction, a temperature sequence of high to low should be used to balance the reaction rate and equilibrium conversion.

Cooling circulating water machine is a kind of cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. It is mainly composed of refrigeration system, electrical system and waterway system. Mainly used in the cooling of laboratory precision instruments at home and abroad and the use of industrial process cold source.

Refineries need hydrogenator catalysts. In this process, the hydrogenation reactor vessel needs to be cooled from 93°C to 27°C, and every resource of the cooling vessel consumes the customer's funds.

Generally, oil refineries use liquid nitrogen to cool containers. However, nitrogen is expensive and it takes several days to cool the container to 27°C. So the refrigerator has become the core part of the hydrogenation reactor cooling process, which not only eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen cooling, but also reduces the process cost.

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