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Overhaul Method for Reducing the Efficiency of Industrial Chiller

Friends who come into contact with industrial chillers during their work may encounter problems in the title: inefficiency of industrial water chillers - what to do?

In fact, when the efficiency of industrial chillers has troubles, overhaul is the only way, but if we want to understand the overhaul method of industrial chillers in depth, I am afraid it will take a long time. This article will basically talk about the basic overhaul method of industrial chillers when the efficiency is low.

1. Heat Dissipation Problem

Heat dissipation problem is a common problem that causes inefficiency of industrial chillers, which is also a problem that is prone to occur. Many industrial chillers will have similar problems, and the heat dissipation problem is also easy to solve from the point of view of the difficulty of solving.

The internal reason refers to the fact that once problems arise, such as the shutdown of air-cooled electronic fan, the problem of heat dissipation will occur randomly, or the cooling tower cooling water system of water-cooled industrial water chillers is not smooth, and there will also be heat dissipation problems as the structure of industrial water chillers is complex, and each kind of industrial water chiller may have different principles and operation modes.

External reasons refer to the indoor and outdoor temperature may be too high, such as extreme weather, the area around the industrial water chillers has the poor heat dissipation, which will cause inefficiency of industrial water chillers. Basically, finding the reason to solve the problem is feasible.

2. unreasonable design of industrial chiller

Industrial chillers produced by companies without qualifications or production experience may have many problems, such as unreasonable design, unstable operation and so on. Low efficiency is also the thing in the expect.

3. Use in no accordance with the requirements of industrial chillers

Industrial chillers have fixed input voltage and the use requirements of related equipment. They are not used according to the use requirements of industrial water chillers, such as too high or too low voltage, not cleaning the condenser and related components on time according to the use requirements of industrial water chillers, and not adding refrigerants according to the use conditions, all of which will make the work efficiency of industrial chillers lower.

Of course, there is still a problem that can not be solved, that is, component failure or damage: if the basic overhaul method is checked, you still can not find the reason, and you can contact the industrial chiller manufacturers to seek help, the quality of after-sales service is also a reason to measure whether the relevant chiller manufacturers are excellent or not!

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