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What Should Be Noticed In Detail When Installing A Precision Chiller?

First, when installation, everyone needs to check whether your cold water machine works normal, whether the accessories are all right, whether there is damage, so as to avoid problems in installation.

Second, when installing, the site of the precision chiller must be a place where the balance can support the weight of the machine. Once the weight of the machine can not be borne, heap of the heap matters are behind.

Third. The environment of the precision chiller should be in the room at a temperature above 5 centigrade. There should be enough space around the precision chiller for the maintenance of the machine.

Fourth. When selecting the precision chiller, one end of the chiller should leave the tube space for the condenser, and of course, use the door or other locations.

Fifth, to determine the application of your precision chiller, the greater operation power of the chiller and the water flow rate of the evaporator and condenser should be clearly calculated.

Sixth, we must consider any special circumstances to ensure that the water flow of the precision chiller is stable.

Seventh. The pipeline design of the precision chiller should be carried out in accordance with the conventional method. In the piping, the elasticity of the pipe should be set up and the water of the evaporator should be removed.

Eighth, it is suggested that the water supply of the evaporator and condenser choose water of better quality. Once the water quality is not good, it will cause certain grime, which will affect the heat transfer and breed the microorganism bacteria, and increase the operation and maintenance cost of the machine.

Nine, the filters for water pipes should be cleaned regularly, and all interfaces should be treated with rust prevention.
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