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What Decides the Price of the Heating Cooing Circulator?

The price of heating cooling circulator is determined by raw materials, manufacturing overhead, technical cost, impacting on the final quotation.

The heating cooling circulator is made of shell and internal parts. The shell is applied standard SUS 304, which can be also customized with plastics (standard color 7035). Influenced by national industrial policy recently, the price of stainless raw materials has been on the rise, especially the environmental factors limit the production, causing many plants to stop manufacturing or limitation. It is predicted that the price will raise continuously. To adhere to the principle of no shobby work, the production cost increases but the sale prices repeat so that the profits shrink. At the same time, raw materials are affected by environmental control, the prices rise slightly. Combined with the costs of two raw materials keep going up, the prise of heating cooling circulator will be up regulate without doubt.

For technology development, LNEYA possesses a high-quality group of expertise who are experienced in ultra temperature and high low temperature exploitation. It insists that the design of products, the purchases and selection of components, technological process of production, package and transportation are conform to the standardized management of ISO9001-2008 international quality accreditation strictly, striving for outstanding products, reasonable price and satisfactory service.

Raw materials, manufacturing expenses and technical cost decides the price of heating cooling circulator but the quality is determined by manufacturers. Good products will represent our strengths and good reputation also comes from excellent quality.
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