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Cleaning instructions for ultra cryochillers used by pharmaceutical and chemical companies

Long-term operation of the ultra cryochillers will cause thick scale on the surface of the condenser, which will interfere with the normal operation of the large-scale pharmaceutical and chemical ultra cryochillers. For example, if it makes its work efficiency low or easy to damage, then it is necessary to clean up.

1. Remove parts
If you want to clean the ultra cryochiller used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, you must first disassemble it, because the parts to be cleaned are not easy to see inside the collective. Because the various components of the large refrigeration unit cross each other, the wiring is complicated and it is really difficult to disassemble, then it is very necessary to understand the overall structure, and I will not explain them here.

2. The connection between the cleaning equipment and the condenser
After the disassembly in the previous step, find the direction of the condenser water inlet and connect it to the water inlet or outlet of the water pump, and then use tools to heat the pipe.

3. Dosing cleaning
After making sure that each step is done and the pipes are connected, add clean water for cleaning for about twenty times, and then drain the sewage and repeat it 3 times. After the cleaning is completed, it is important to dosing and cleaning. Of course, the pH value of the cleaning solution must be between 4-5 and maintained for 2-3 hours. Discharge the medicine, and then flush the residual medicine to keep the pH value.

4. Install back to the original state
After cleaning, the installation is complete.

The above are the main steps to clean the ultra cryochillers. Isn’t it simple? However, LNEYA thinks that pharmaceutical and chemical companies should still ask professionals to clean up. After all, disassembling the machine can easily cause damage to the machine parts. If some parts are broken, the gain is more than the loss.

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