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Tips for Leakage Detection of Low Temperature Freezer

Soaking leakage detection

The sensibility of soaking leakage detection is higher than bubble test,which is usually applied for small Freon freezer unit. When using it, the equipment prohibited from contacting water in the system should be discharged, like all kinds of relays and electrical control device. Taking advantage of warm water during the bubble test, because its surface tension is smaller than cold water, forming bubbles more easily. As an editor of Low Temperature Freezer, I want to tell you that the leakage point will be discovered simply if accompanied by intense light source. After the completion of soaking leakage detection, the surface ought to be dried with compressed air, preventing the metal from corrosion.

Halide torch and its leakage detection

These are the specialized devices for detecting the Freon freezer unit system. When Freon refrigerating fluid encounters hot cooper parts, different colored flames will be casted for F2, C12 and Br contain the elements of halogen, helping find out the leaking point.

Vacuum leak test

When freezer unit system passes the pressure leakage detection, it should also go through the vacuum leak test since some pasts exist one-way leaker. Only pressure and vacuum leakage detection both conform to the standard can the leakproofness of cooling system can be ensured. Besides, the system is evacuated, so can water at the same time , esped dcially the Freon system. Therefore, evacuation and desiccation play essential roles in debugging the unit.

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