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The Noise Analysis of Precision Chiller

Generally speaking, even the most sophisticated refrigerating equipment will also have some trouble when used for a long time. If the noises present in the precision chiller after prolonged use, I am sure that it appears some faults. So let's go deeper to see where these noises are from.

The noise of compressor

The compressor is in the core position of the inner structure of the precision chiller. In general, compressors include screw and stroll, you can pick up one as what you need. Once the compressor has some noise, the first thing you should do is to check out if the expansive valve is open excessively; if so, you ought to adjust it. Next, you should see if the freezing medium is overmuch; if so, you had better remove the needless refrigerators.

The noise of water pump

It is attributable to the water quality mainly if the water pump has some noises. I suggest that water treatment should proceed according to the requirement of the chillers.  

The accessories lack lubricant

The configuration of most of chillers is made of metal. Once the accessories are short of lubricant, the frictions can not be avoided, making some noises. Besides, you have to keep maintenance in daily life to reduce the rate of faults.

Oil starvation because of overload

You can find out whether the compressor is fuel elan when there are some noises. If it is, you can refuel it. To check if the compressor is overloaded will help you solve it in time.

Through the introduction of precision chillers, you must have a better understanding. If you are eager to further study, you can follow Guanya Refigeration Technology Co., Ltd.

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