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The Application of Cold Plate Freezer

The refrigeration system of cold plate freezer adopts secondary super-cooler technology with the rapid refrigeration and low limiting temperature. It uses imported brand name semi-hermetic piston compressors, semi-hermetic piston compound compressors and semi-hermetic screw compressors. The main brands of them are Bock, Bitzer, Copeland, Hanbell and Fusheng. The evaporator is KAORI plate heat exchanger, which has a small volume and high efficiency; it uses a full set of imported cold control (DANFOSS pressure controller, balance valve, expansion valve, solenoid valve, filter drier, Emerson oil extractor, ALCO sight glass, one-way valve, etc.); the cooling water return uses intermediate heat exchanger, which significantly improves the reliability and security of the system. It uses DANFOSS electronic expansion valve with high control precision; it uses Siemens PLC S7-200/300 PLC, LNEYA touch screen display to achieve automatic control operation and has graphical display, temperature recording U disk, failure warning record.

Factory test: each refrigeration unit in the factory does load testing more than 12 hours. The operation is very efficient and speedy. Everybody can choose what they want.

Cold plate freezer possesses high refrigeration speed. It is safe and reliable. The demand for refrigerators is relatively large in high-tech industries like petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-drying, pharmaceutical and military. What’s more is the maintenance of cold plate freezer. It is necessary to replace the replacement parts in time to avoid some failures that will affect the usage of the cold plate freezer and to keep the device running in an efficient state. There are various cold plate freezer for sale at www.lneya.com.
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