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The Analysis Of How To Maintain The Low Temperature Circulator In Daily Life

Guanya is a leading role in heating cooling circulator. It provides the customers with proposal and technology of controlling the cold and heat, temperature control system with stable property, extending the service life of heating cooling circulator at the most extent. In daily life, we should know about the maintenance method.
 The manufacturers suggest that to check the fastening bolt of power wiring if it is loose, the normal status of high or low pressure value, and the running current or insulation resistant regularly.

 It is important that if the device for drying and filtering of heating cooling circulator and sight glass are running normally. If the exit frosts, it indicates the filter is blocked which needs clean filter; if the sight glass demonstrates the wetness ( it turns red), the core of device for drying and filtering wants to be changed.

It is vital that lubricating lube of heating cooling circulator compressor works. When operating, the fuel level is lower than two of thirds of oil sight glass, lubricant should be added; if there is foul or deterioration, lube should be replaced, and filter ought to be cleaned or changed; at the same time, filter core should be changed.

 It is suggested that when heating cooling circulator has been used for a long time, conduction oil should be checked every three or six months, and the replacement is determined according to the practical situation. The heating cooling circulator of Guanya in Wuxi applies totally-enclosed circulation line where heat transfer oil will not be leaked or polluted. Pay attention to the replacement when foreign matter or water go into the oil box.

 Please be informed by manufacturers that if the heating cooling circulator is not used for the time being, to clean the conduction oil left in the pipe, and to maintain and keep dry.
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