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How to deal with the softening of the semiconductor constant temperature test bench cooler gasket?

The operating efficiency of the semiconductor constant temperature test bench is inseparable from the connection with each component. For example, if the cooler has a small fault, the operation of the LNEYA semiconductor constant temperature test bench will be affected. How to solve such fault change?

After the gasket loses its elasticity, the cooler will leak. In some brand products, in order to solve the dripping phenomenon caused by the aging of the gasket, the sealing performance adjustment of the air cooler is allowed, that is, the bolt of the combined plate cooler is tightened again. . Adjust the pressing force of the elastic gasket between the various coolers of the semiconductor constant temperature test bench to solve the drip problem on the nameplate of the cooler with this function.

Generally given is allowed to be large to small stress. For new cooler chip sets, use a small allowable stress to connect and fix the number of coolers per set. The tightening force of the cooler can be adjusted one or more times. Each time the screw is tightened, the nut can be screwed in 3mm, and the stress of the adjusting piece is always paid attention to during the tightening process, and only the cooler without working pressure is allowed at room temperature. Adjust the tightening force under conditions to prevent dripping.

At the same time, the semiconductor constant temperature test bench cooler also needs to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the storage cooler environment must be dry and clean, put desiccant, if not used for a long time (about one year), you can consider filling some inert gas (nitrogen, helium) , suffocating, etc.). After using the semiconductor constant temperature test bench cooler for a period of time, it may be carbonized and gelled. If the oil of poor quality may have dirt, it may be blocked in the inner fin. If it is blocked, it is basically very Difficult to repair, you can use the opposite direction to blow or blow water, see if you can blow it out, so you must not let particles or other dirty things into our cooler, remember.

The above-mentioned faults of the cooler gasket of the semiconductor constant temperature test bench, although relatively small, will also affect the operation, so we need to be careful.
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