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Refrigeration Principle Of Low Temperature Chiller

The refrigeration principle of the so-called low temperature chiller is to use the artificial method, compressor refrigeration, through energy consumption, in a cycle process, in the process that cooling materials take away the heat. Generally speaking, the compressor is use to refrigerate. With the refrigerant, the low boiling point material is used as the medium. The refrigerant is compressed in the compressor, the saturation temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, then it passed through the condenser and is condensed into liquid, liquefied through the throttle valve, and then the heat is absorbed by the cold medium to become the low pressure steam, finally it returns to the compressor cycle.

In addition to compressor refrigeration, there is ammonia refrigeration. However, the overall cost of compressor refrigeration is lower than that of ammonia refrigeration. So now, we tend to choose compressor refrigeration.

After understanding the principle of refrigeration, the selection of a series of equipment parameters such as water flow, outlet temperature and cooling capacity of  low temperature chiller should be fully understood in order to make a better selection.

Of course, the refrigerants of low temperature chillers can be environmental refrigerants as far as possible, for the sake of more energy saving and environmental protection and in line with the demand of the public.
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