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How to Use Micro Reactor with Cooling Heating Circulator System?

How to Use Micro Reactor with Cooling Heating Circulator System?

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Many users choose micro reactor for temperature control of some chemical reaction processes, but some heat will be generated or some cold and heat sources will be required in the reaction process. At this time, an integrated high and low temperature machine is needed to provide corresponding cold and heat sources.

1. Application of micro reactor:

Micro reactor is designed to realize the mixed heat transfer of fluid. It can carry out uniform heat transfer or instantaneous heat transfer for materials. The selection involves fine management and monitoring control of reaction stability, heat transfer efficiency and reaction speed. If the selection is not appropriate, the results obtained in the reaction process will be inaccurate, and the result data such as reaction material concentration, reaction temperature and reaction pressure will be affected. Therefore, the high and low temperature temperature control of micro reactor is very important.
The micro reactor is equipped with high and low temperature integrated machine for temperature control. Accurate temperature control can prevent the micro reactor from local high temperature or flying temperature and other faults. For example, in the nitrification reaction in the micro reactor, the reaction temperature has a great effect on the reaction. The corresponding heat can be removed in time in the reaction, so as to improve the stability of process production and avoid some faults caused by uneven heat dissipation in the reaction. If the temperature control is not accurate, it will easily cause some nitrification reaction problems.

2. Heating application of cooling heating circulator integrated machine:

The cooling heating circulator integrated machine equipped with micro reactor is suitable for connecting the reactor for refrigeration, heating and temperature control in various pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Provide corresponding cold and heat sources for various endothermic and exothermic reactions in the operation of the reactor. At present, there are many manufacturers of high and low temperature all-in-one machines, and their technical capabilities are uneven. It is recommended to select the program control mode, which can set the temperature difference between the heat conducting medium and the material, and can provide accurate linear material temperature control effect.

Generally speaking, the cooling heating circulator all-in-one machine adopts fully closed circulation pipeline, and the equipment is equipped with expansion tank. During the refrigeration and heating process of supporting micro reactor, the heat conduction medium is used for thermal expansion and cold contraction, which can directly and continuously raise the temperature from the low temperature state, quickly raise the temperature, and meet the expected temperature requirements in the expected time.

The cooling heating circulator integrated machine is used together with the micro reactor to jointly complete the temperature control conditions of strong exothermic or refrigeration in the laboratory, including but not including nitrification reaction, addition reaction, sulfonation reaction, etc.
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