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Unstoppable, ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment country retreat, LNEYA strong rise

At present, China has become the world's relatively large refrigeration equipment market, and has become the target of competition for ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment enterprises. In the fierce competition of ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment market, the sales of LNEYA ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment are also constantly increasing, from the current In terms of the pattern, it has formed a situation in which the three countries of Europe, America, Japan, Korea and China have established themselves.

The data shows that the equipment of 2018 domestic ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment has generally achieved growth, and the growth rate is higher than that of foreign brands. The ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment realizes the national advance and retreat, showing the trend of local brands leading the market. From the development trend of refrigeration equipment, ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment will also be like other equipment, from the initial international brand monopoly to coexistence, and then dominated by local brands, and now the distance is not very far away. Although domestic ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment is growing, but for the main refrigeration technology, many ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment manufacturers do not have the corresponding competitive advantage. LNEYA uses its own single-machine self-cascading refrigeration technology, continuously researching, innovating and accumulating. Develop the core refrigeration technology of ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment, and go further and further in the market of ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment.

LNEYA always regards innovation as the core of enterprise development. It deeply understands that enterprises only gain technological advantages, strive for stability in innovation, adopt new technologies and new products to the public, and integrate energy conservation into innovation to achieve the integration of refrigeration and energy conservation. It is also a relatively important trade-off point in the future.

In the future of pharmaceutical, new energy, chip and other industries, LNEYA senses keen business opportunities, gears up, and develops new equipment into this market. Different from the needs of the former refrigeration and heating temperature control equipment, each ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment project requires enterprises to provide different Product working conditions, research corresponding ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment system solutions, constantly surpassing themselves, at the same time, domestic refrigeration equipment brands have also achieved sound development in competition.

At the same time, the ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment industry and foreign importers are still lacking. LNEYA continues to reform and innovate during the continuous development, constantly upgrading the technology of ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment, and constantly making the company's chips in the entire refrigeration market continue to increase. As a result, Wuxi Guanya's advantages in and out of the industry continue to increase and continue to improve.

In today's ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment market, some domestic enterprises have gradually matured. LNEYA ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment also develops corresponding strategic plans according to different cities in China to develop the advantages of local enterprises.

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