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Explanation Protection for Air Cooled Precision Chiller

The places where need air-cooled precision chiller indicate they have high demanding for operating accuracy. Therefore, the protection settings have to work out. Then, which kind of protection for air-cooled precision chiller should be done?

Discharging temperature protector should be installed on the air-cooled precision chiller in order to protect the compressor when it works with negative high stressing or without enough refrigerants. The temperature detected in the position of 10cm between compressor and exhaust pipe should range within 130±5℃for stopping the compressor.

Low tension switch is set for the safe of air-cooled precision chiller when it operates with not enough compressor refrigerant. When it reaches 0.03mpa, the compressor stops working. Once the compressor runs lacking refrigerating fluid, the temperature of parts of compressor and electrical machinery will rise instantly, so at that time, low tension switch can play a role in protecting them which inner thermostat and exhaust gas temperature protector can not function.

Electromagnetic switch operates on the basis of controlling air cooled precision chiller's cold compressor. When installing shutter which is for engine cutout, it ought to keep upright; if mistakes happen, spring pressure of joint will change, giving rise to make noises and phase-deficient operation. As for the compressor carried with an inner protector for cutting off power directly, it can be free from any loading protector.

High-voltage switch can stop the compressor when the high pressure raises abnormally. The operating pressure is under 3.0mpa.

Inner temperature controller must be installed inside the compressor in order to prevent it from moving at high speed which causes overcurrent produced by high load operation, poor electromagnetic switch and journal sticking or faults including motor burnout owing to motor temperature, which is mounted at the neutral point of three machines. When an error occurs, electrical machine will remain normal by cutting the three-phase machine at the same time.

The structures of the air-cooled precision chiller's anti-phase protector scroll compressor and piston compressor are different. The former isn't able to reverse because the three-phase supply of air-cooled precision chiller will lead to the changeover of compressor. Thus, anti-phase protector should be set for prohibiting the refrigeration compressor from reversal, with which the compressor can run smoothly when there is positive phase; otherwise, it stays motionless. When anti-phase happens, to exchange two lines of the power source can turn into a positive one.

The air-cooled precision chiller of Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd in Wuxi sets up multiple failure alarms: over temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm and overheating alarm, avoiding some faults effectively and in time.

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