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Differences between professional manufacturers of molecular distillation and traditional distillatio

The professional manufacturer of molecular distillation is more in the industry, but as a professional manufacturer of molecular distillation, we have to share with you the difference between traditional distillation technology and better operation of molecular distillation related equipment.

Conventional distillation is based on the difference in boiling point of different materials, so that certain substances that are easily oxidized, decomposed or polymerized at the boiling temperature are difficult to separate. The separation of molecular distillation is to use liquid molecules to escape from the liquid surface when heated, and the separation of the substances is achieved by different mean free motions of different kinds of molecules.

The mixed liquid flows downward along the heating plate. After being heated, both light and heavy molecules escape to the gas phase. Due to the different free path of light and heavy molecules, the free molecular weight is large, and the condensation plate can be reached. After condensation, the condensation plate is down. The flow, the heavy molecule has a small free path, does not reach the condensation surface and saturates in the gas phase, and returns to the liquid phase, flowing down the heating plate, thereby forming a split and separation of light and heavy molecules. Molecular distillation has the characteristics of high operating vacuum, low heating temperature, short heating time and high degree of separation. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and oxidizable substances.

Molecular distillation is different from traditional distillation. Molecular distillation has obvious technical and economic advantages compared with traditional distillation. Due to the low temperature of molecular distillation operation and short heating time, products with high purity and good quality can be obtained, which is especially important for natural materials. . Due to the high separation efficiency of molecular distillation and high product yield, the production cost can be greatly reduced.

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