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LNEYA refrigeration: professional industrial chiller

As a dedicated, committed to the industrial enterprises, TopAsia refrigeration since its inception in 2006, has been committed to the refrigeration equipment, cold water machine, ultra-low temperature freezer, refrigeration heating system, heating system, explosion-proof electrical equipment, automation integrated distributed control system, experimental apparatus, industrial refrigeration room development, production and trade the science and technology entities.
TopAsia refrigeration has always insisted: success comes from tirelessly to help customers improve productivity, solve customers with wide temperature refrigeration, heating temperature control problem to focus and reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration and heating system, the system provides competitive solutions and services, customers continue to create the maximum value for their mission. From 2006 to 2017, TopAsia refrigeration chairman Yan total, in the next 2018, is full of power, full of confidence for the future. Wuxi Guanya industrial with the spirit of seeking truth from facts, Yan Juezhi chairman is leading TopAsia and constantly enrich the product refrigeration chain, the enterprises bigger and stronger, to become the industry benchmark.

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