LNEYA PCR microfluidic chip temperature control system project development objectivity

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The PCR microfluidic chip temperature control system is a new dynamic refrigeration heating produced by LNEYA for the integrated circuit chip industry. For the chip testing industry, the LNEYA PCR microfluidic chip temperature control system can be effectively developed.

The problem of quality management in integrated power chip test project is multi-faceted. Among the project quality planning, there are some requirements that do not meet the characteristics of the test project, making it difficult for the participants to explain the scope of the project and the description of the product. Understand, blindly copy the overall quality standards and rules of the project, there will be some conflicts with the specific implementation of the project details, these problems will make the test project can not be effectively implemented in the planning, in the test Project quality cannot be fully guaranteed and controlled.

There are also many problems in the control of the quality of its projects. The main reason is that it usually draws on the more common data collection work and common analysis methods in the integrated industry. It does not conduct standardized tests according to the means of unified quality control. Unnecessary project costs are consumed. In addition, in the issue of guaranteeing the quality of its projects, at this stage, it is mainly through the internal quality control department of the enterprise to guarantee the quality of the test, so that the details and characteristics of the test project itself cannot be truly detailed. Understand that it is not possible to have a reasonable quality assurance of the characteristics of the test project.

In the optimization strategy for the quality management of integrated circuit chip test projects, it must be implemented in many aspects. In the process of more and more fine division of the integrated circuit industry, IC design companies are also growing, some more professional tests. Service has gradually become a trend of development. In terms of specific optimization, the first step is to develop low-cost testing technology.

The quality management assurance of the integrated circuit chip test project is an important part of management. The quality and reliability assurance department acts and maintains the procedures in the quality management system of the test project to be strictly implemented. The test change process must be able to guarantee the quality. The details are announced, and the process of improving the optimization measures should be supervised so that the quality of the test project can be guaranteed in accordance with the quality of the customer. It is also necessary to assist the change initiating department to collect and provide relevant data, to update the relevant documents in a timely manner, to be able to undertake the mass production of the changes and to transfer and provide comprehensive technology to ensure the change is smoother.

It is also necessary to carry out external cooperation to introduce some more advanced testing technologies into China. Since the testing of integrated circuits is relatively large and complicated, and the requirements for technicians are relatively high, it is necessary to be able to operate in a Active exploration on the business model, and to be able to rely on various types of social resources for market-oriented operation, to create a complete industrial chain for the healthy development of the integrated circuit industry, thus forming a cluster effect of industrial development.

China’s integrated circuits are constantly evolving, and the chip testing industry is also making progress. The LNEYA PCR microfluidic chip temperature control system also has a considerable development path in the future.

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