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How to deal with the leakage of refrigerant in industrial chiller?

How to deal with the leakage of refrigerant in industrial chiller?

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When oil is found at a point in the system, it is likely to be a leak. There are large flaws, unless the system is a large leak point that suddenly breaks, and the system leaks liquid colored plate material, otherwise the estimation cannot be accurately located, because the area of general leakage is very small, and many locations of the refrigeration unit are basically invisible .

In the case of industrial chiller, if the refrigerant has a more serious water leakage problem, the machine and equipment must be terminated. Because industrial chillers have sound safety warning information equipment and equipment, in the case of relatively severe refrigerant leakage, the system is likely to terminate operation fully automatically, which is convenient to reduce the probability of destruction of other equipment. Especially for high-power types of industrial chiller equipment.

In the case of refrigerant leakage, the leaking part must be treated in time, and it must be solved according to professional inspection methods. In addition, before operating an industrial chiller, it is important to carry out a subtle inspection of the working pressure of the refrigerant, and to open the industrial chiller equipment within the scope of maintaining the normal working pressure. If you find that there is a problem with refrigerant leakage in industrial chiller, you must immediately seal the leaking vacancy and fill the appropriate refrigerant to ensure the safe operation of the industrial chiller in the middle and late period.

Refrigerant leakage occurs in chiller. Generally, there are leaks in the components of the generator set, such as the air conditioner evaporator, one of the four major components of the refrigeration unit. After all, there are many welds on the upper and lower sides of the air-conditioning evaporator, and there are likely to be more leaks. This requires a solid welding process by the factory's manufacturer of the air-conditioning evaporator.

Air conditioner evaporators will leak. The key reason is that the welding process is poor. Before the air conditioner copper tube is red (the temperature is not 600 ° C to 700 ° C), the welding wire is placed in the welding seam. The materials are not fused together, resulting in pinch welding, slag, and unevenness. Missing points will occur as long as the application time.

When the air-conditioning evaporator of the split air-cooled chiller leaks, the generator set should be shut down first, and then the manufacturer should be contacted by the phone to assign after-sales maintenance service staff to solve it. When solving the problem of refrigerant leakage, the air conditioner evaporator can be removed by electric welding and welding. The disassembly method is:

1. After selecting the missing points, mark well;

2. If there is still refrigerant in the refrigeration unit, the refrigerant must be stored first;

3. Use two 8-inch or 10-inch wrenches to remove the air-conditioning indoor unit connection lock nut and remove the electrical equipment box on the right side of the air-conditioning indoor unit;

4. Remove the fixed pipes and straight hair splints behind the air-conditioning evaporator, and remove the precise positioning screws on the air-conditioning evaporator in the room;

5. The right hand gently extends the pipe from the back of the air conditioner indoor unit, so that the air conditioner evaporator is displaced. After dragging the air conditioner evaporator out 5cm with your left hand, turn the air conditioner evaporator 90 degrees with both hands and drag it out along the pipeline (pay attention to the actual operation of both hands, do not knock the plate-fins down).

After the air conditioner evaporator is removed, put it into a flat and clean area, wipe the leaky spot with a damp cloth, and weld the leaky point with silver. After the pressure is checked to make sure there is no water leakage, follow the reverse order of disassembly and assembly. Replace the air-conditioned indoor unit.

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