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Instructions for Manufacturers of Cold Plate Freezer [-5 to -150 Degrees of Refrigeration]

There are various manufacturers of Low Temperature low temperature cold plate freezer. It is widely used in glass reactor, metal reactor and bioreactor to control temperature and temperature.
Using Range of Low Temperature Cold Plate Freezer
Medium single fluid low temperature low temperature cold plate freezer of Guanya refrigeration[-150 to 350 degrees of refrigeration and heating], refrigeration temperature of it ranges from 150 ℃ ~ 350 ℃, cooling speed is fast, safe and reliable. It is used rapid liquid refrigeration and widely used in petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical and high-tech industries.
Maintenance Instructions of low temperature low temperature cold plate freezer
It is especially important to prolong the normal use life of low temperature cold plate freezer. If the temperature control is not accurate, the preserved objects will be damaged, which will greatly affect the experimental results and affect the normal progress of the research work.
When low temperature cold plate freezer of Guanya refrigeration is being used, pay attention to cleanliness. The manufacturer of low temperature refrigerator suggests that the cleanliness should be maintained by the operator every day. It is suggested to use a dry cloth to remove a small amount of dust on the inside and outside of the refrigerator and on the accessories. However, if the low temperature cold plate freezer is too dirty inside, it is suggested to use neutral detergent for cleaning.
Low Temperature Cold Freezer Noise Troubleshooting
In case of such fault, do not panic, first check whether the low temperature cold plate freezer floor is strong ,whether the freezer is stable; If it is unstable, adjust the movable screws so that the four corners are firmly supported on the base plate, and see if any objects touch the back of the cryogenic refrigerator.
Guanya Refrigeration, a professional low temperature freezer manufacturer, provides the knowledge summary of the use of cold plate freezer,hoping the users in the operation can pay attention to the use.
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