Working principle of server cold plate liquid cooling system

Servers have high-speed CPU computing capabilities, long-term operation, external data throughput capabilities, and better scalability. Since they must always operate, the servers will generate a large amount of heat during operation, and often cause downtime due to overheating. Therefore, when the server is used, cooling equipment is usually installed on the server.

This kind of server cold plate liquid cooling system currently mainly uses liquid cooling technology. Its working principle is to install a cooling pump inside the server cabinet. The cooling pump is connected to the liquid inlet pipe and the liquid outlet pipe, and the two pipes are connected to the cooling plate respectively. Cooling pumps use water’s high thermal conductivity and high specific heat capacity to transfer heat from the server to the water. After the water passes through the cooling equipment, its temperature rises, and is then sent back to the water pump for circulation. This cycle repeats to dissipate the heat generated by the server and ensure the normal operation of the server.

In practical applications, the server cold plate liquid cooling system requires that the server cold plate liquid cooling system not only needs to be reliable, but also needs to have stable performance. It has been widely used in data centers. Crown Asia Refrigeration Server Cold Plate Liquid Cooling System Increase its head and flow to meet the liquid cooling needs of different data centers.

Overall, the server cold plate liquid cooling system is a reliable heat dissipation method that fully meets the effective and stable requirements of the data center.

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