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How to eliminate the high pressure alarm of the industrial ultra-low temperature freezer?

During use, if a fault is not solved in time, it will affect the use of industrial ultra-low temperature freezer. How to solve the problem of high-pressure alarm?

If the water-cooled industrial ultra-low temperature freezer presents a high-pressure alarm, it is mainly related to the cooling water system. The water-cooled industrial ultra-low temperature freezer provides circulating cooling water through a cooling tower. If you forget to open the cooling water valve during use, If the cooling water cannot be circulated to the chiller, it will show high pressure problems. In addition, check whether the cooling water tower is defective and cannot safely and stably deliver the cooling water.

The cooling water flow is too small, or the temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is not good. This problem will also occur. If the cooling water flow is small, it is necessary to check whether the pipe size of the supporting device matches the size of the industrial ultra-low temperature freezer group, or whether the water valve can be opened to a large position; if it is an air-cooled industrial ultra-low temperature freezer, we need to look at the ambient temperature of the device If it can be exceeded, the heat must be exhausted in time to ensure that the industrial ultra-low temperature freezer unit is in an air circulating environment.

Industrial ultra-low temperature freezers are used for too long, and it is easy to accumulate dirt and other debris on the pipe wall or condenser copper pipes, which will inevitably affect the refrigeration cycle system. Therefore, we regularly provide industrial ultra-low temperature freezers according to the maintenance time recommended by the manufacturer Do maintenance cleaning work (cleaning the cooling water system, cleaning the condenser, changing the filter, etc.).

Check whether the refrigerant is excessive. The industrial ultra-low temperature freezer unit will be filled with the appropriate amount of refrigerant before leaving the factory. Therefore, if there is no leakage of the refrigerant, the user does not need to charge the refrigerant. Too much refrigerant will only affect the unit's failure. use.

Whether the opening of the shrink valve is too small, for this, everyone can gradually adjust the opening of the shrink valve to eliminate the problem.

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