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Importance of Installing Exhaust Temperature Protection Device for Industrial Chiller

Importance of Installing Exhaust Temperature Protection Device for Industrial Chiller

Application: Various Reactors, Distillation or Extraction System, Laboratory, University, Research Institute, Aerospace, Automotive Industry, Semiconductor and Electrical Test, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Biochemical, Biological and Other Industries.

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The operating conditions or system layout of the high and low temperature circulator may produce high temperature and high pressure gas, which may cause the lubricating oil to carbonize or the refrigerant to decompose, causing the compressor to operate abnormally or even fail. At this time, an exhaust temperature protection device should be installed.

If due to the layout of the high and low temperature circulator system or the location of the compressor, there is a possibility that there is a large amount of liquid refrigerant in the compressor or the lubricating oil that absorbs the refrigerant, a heating device for lubricating oil in the crankcase must be used. The higher temperature generated by the heater causes the refrigerant to continuously vaporize, avoiding the problem of lubricating oil supply.
For the safe and reliable operation of the refrigeration system of the high and low temperature circulator, a high pressure controller must be equipped for the refrigeration system. The high-pressure controller must be connected to the high-pressure port of the compressor or any point on the exhaust pipe. But never connect the high-voltage controller to an interface that may be cut off.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of industrial chillers, lneya has more than 10 years of R & D and sales experience in industrial temperature control. It specializes in the production of refrigeration and heating temperature control system, ultra-low temperature chiller, TCU temperature control unit, new energy vehicle component test temperature control system and heating cycle system. It supports customized services. Please consult us for details.

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