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Use of heating thermostat for distillation equipment

The heating thermostat is a supporting distillation equipment, which separates different mixtures by gasification and condensation. The heating thermostat and the distillation equipment can be used well, which can not only improve its operating efficiency, but also save energy.

In the normal operation of the rectification equipment, the product quality index must meet the predetermined requirements, that is, to ensure that the purity of at least one component in the product meets the specified requirements, and the other components should also be kept within the specified range. Therefore, it should be Take the purity of the bottom or top of the device as the controlled variable. However, online real-time monitoring of product purity has certain difficulties. Therefore, in most cases, the "temperature and pressure" in the rectification device are used to indirectly reflect the product purity.

The direct quality index of the heating thermostat for the distillation equipment is the product component, but the product component analysis cycle is long and the lag is serious, so the temperature parameter has become a commonly used control index, that is, controlled by the sensitive board.

The heating thermostat adjustment means of the distillation equipment is to appropriately adjust the reflux ratio according to the temperature of the sensitive plate. For example, when the temperature of the sensitive plate rises, it reflects that the XD of the top product composition of the device has decreased. Therefore, at this time, a signal is sent to appropriately increase the reflux ratio, so that when XD rises to a qualified value, the temperature of the sensitive plate drops to the specified value.

When the boiling points of the components in the raw material liquid are similar, and the purity requirements of the product are higher, it is not appropriate to use the general temperature control method, but to use the temperature difference control method. The temperature difference control is designed based on the principle that the temperature change of the two plates is always relatively larger than the temperature change range of a single plate. This method is easy to ensure the purity of the product, and it is also conducive to the choice and use of the instrument.

The heating and constant temperature tank for the distillation equipment is the core component of the chemical process equipment, and the temperature control is the most important for the control of the rectification equipment. The drastic changes in temperature will cause the purity of the separated components to decrease, which will affect the efficiency of the rectification. It may even cause the rectification unit to fail to operate normally. The temperature control system creates good conditions for the normal operation of the rectification unit. As the degree of automation increases, the operation of the rectification device should also be controlled by instrument automation, so that the quality of the product and the stability of the operation of the rectification device are greatly improved.

Of course, the heating thermostat can also be used with other reaction equipment. In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, many temperature control fields can be used.

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