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How does the constant temperature control of the cold and heat source meet the heating process requi

How does the constant temperature control of the cold and heat source meet the heating process requi

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The constant temperature control of the cold and heat source can be equipped with refrigeration heating, and the cooling is performed by the compressor. How does the heating part reach the automatic heating process?

Cold and heat source constant temperature control equipment - the heating in the high and low temperature integrated machine uses the heat medium as the carrier. Under the drive of the circulating pump, the heat medium quickly absorbs and takes away the heat released by the electric heater, and raises its own temperature. After flowing through the heat equipment, after the heat is cooled down, it will flow back to the circulation pump, return to the heater and then reheat, so that the circulation will flow, and the temperature of the hot equipment will rise to automatically reach the heating process requirement.

If the heat source of the cold and heat source is too large, the recommended custom isolation and explosion-proof type is safer and more reliable. Adjust the positive pressure adjustment handle of the lower end of the one-way throttle valve, and increase the positive pressure value clockwise, otherwise the temperature of the cold heat source is constant. It is advisable to reduce the positive pressure value and adjust the positive pressure value to 250Pa. If the pressure cannot be adjusted to this pressure, check whether the intake valve is fully open and whether the positive pressure chamber is sealed with the outside.

If the positive pressure value is less than 50Pa, the interlocking contact must be disconnected; if it is used in the hazardous area of Zone 2, if the positive pressure value is less than 50Pa, the interlocking contact can be It is not disconnected; but it must be processed in time to ensure that the pressure is greater than 50Pa. This function has the third position of the dial switch U2 to adjust, the third position is disconnected at the upper interlocking contact, and the lower interlocking contact is not disconnected. In the disconnected state.

If there is still a place that does not understand the principle of constant temperature control heating of the cold and heat source, technical consultation can be conducted to professional manufacturers.

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