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LNEYA refrigeration was founded in 2006, is a specialized research of industrial refrigeration and heating equipment company, LNEYA has been committed to the refrigeration refrigeration equipment, cold water machine, VOCS gas condensate recovery device, ultra low temperature freezer, refrigeration heating system, heating system, explosion-proof electrical equipment, automation integrated distributed control system, experimental apparatus, industrial the freezing chamber development, production and trade of science and technology entities. As far as the current form is concerned, the company is in a period of rapid growth, and the prospect is very broad.
glycol chiller
LNEYA refrigeration is mainly R & D and production of various refrigeration heating equipment, for the company, focusing on solving customer wide temperature refrigeration, heating temperature control problem and reduce the energy consumption of cooling and heating system is the ultimate mission of our system, has been committed to providing competitive solutions and services, continuing to create maximum value for customers. As the saying goes, I have successively, specialize in, LNEYA refrigeration heating temperature control system with single heat conducting medium can be achieved -120 ~300 DEG C and wide range of temperature control system, compressor refrigeration technology can achieve the lowest single -150 DEG C, and smaller and easier to carry on. The fully closed circulation system avoids the odor of high temperature oil mist, produces no pungent smell, and does not discolor the heat conducting medium. It also avoids the heat conducting medium thickening and adhering to the wall of the reaction vessel after absorbing moisture and reducing the heat transfer effect.
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