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How to solve the phenomenon of ultra-low temperature freezer card cylinder?

If the ultra-low temperature freezer is faulty during operation, it needs to be solved in time. If it is similar to the related ultra-low temperature freezer card cylinder phenomenon, it may be that the refrigeration oil does not come up, and the ultra-low temperature freezer operator needs to solve it in time.

Ultra-low temperature freezer compressor compressor card cylinder processing method is more, increasing the capacitance is one of the common methods, simply speaking, the original capacitor and a capacitor or a large point of capacitance to increase the starting torque to make the compressor easier Run it up, pay attention: the compressor will shut down immediately after two or three seconds.

Ultra-low temperature freezer compressor card cylinder knocking method, generally choose wooden hammer or select available objects in place. The hammer hits the three solder joints on the body when the press is started. But pay attention, you can't knock deformation. Gently tap the compressor casing to slightly loosen the stuck part, sometimes start the operation or increase the power supply voltage by 10%, and start the impact multiple times. This method can solve the problem of insufficient lubrication of the card cylinder. The compressor of the chiller is particularly effective. The ultra-low temperature freezer compressor card cylinder can also adopt the strong lifting method, connect a plug, L is directly connected to the C terminal, N is connected to the M terminal, and the other is connected to the branch line N1. The power is turned on to let the N1 touch the starting end of the compressor. .

The ultra-low temperature freezer compressor card cylinder can be pneumatically impacted, the compressor is separately removed, and the compressor is supplied with a reaction force of 0.1 MPA from the high pressure pipe. The loose shaft mechanism is loosened. Rinse for 5 minutes. Then use the above method. Usually, there is a scale inside the compressor, or a card cylinder caused by dirty things. The above does not work. The compressor is removed and the oil is poured out. Add kerosene, then pour it out, once in a row, the purpose is to clean the dirty things inside. After washing, put the compressor upside down for 12 hours, pour the kerosene and volatilize it. Then add the frozen oil, pick up the compressor and then a few times on the ground to loosen the parts. Then use the above method to start.

Regardless of the fault of the ultra-low temperature freezer, the user needs to solve it in a timely and effective manner. If there is another unknown fault in the ultra-low temperature freezer, contact the technician of the ultra-low temperature freezer factory to solve it.
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