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Thermal energy engineering test system operation characteristics description

The thermal engineering test system is one of the commonly used equipment in the modern semiconductor production process, and it can provide great convenience for industrial production of various enterprises. To this end, in recent years, the domestic industrial thermal engineering test system market has a large demand for such professional refrigeration equipment, so what operational characteristics does it have?

It is widely used in various fields, and it can provide suitable high and low temperature environments for various industrial production. Many thermal engineering test systems are a kind of mechanical equipment that takes the chilled water through the reactor jacket or the coil inside the reactor and takes away the heat generated by the chemical reaction of the reactor.

The operation of thermal engineering test system products generally requires the use of good refrigeration components and professional refrigerants. At present, most of the main principles of various types of thermal energy engineering test system equipment in the domestic market are to cool ordinary water by evaporation and condensation of refrigerant, and then pump the chilled water to the interlayer or coil of the reaction kettle, and then chilled water. Bring the heat out of the reactor. Complete the entire cooling process.

LNEYA thermal engineering test system adopts fully enclosed pipeline design, adopts high-efficiency plate heat exchanger to reduce the demand of thermal fluid, and improve the heat utilization rate of the system to achieve rapid rise and fall temperature. The heat-conducting medium is in a closed system with an expansion vessel. The heat-conducting medium in the expansion vessel does not participate in the circulation. Whether it is high temperature or low temperature, the temperature of the expansion tank is normal temperature to 60 ° C, which can reduce the heat absorption and evaporation of the heat-conducting medium during operation. risks of.

Thermal engineering test system performance is important for the operator. In addition, the after-sales service part can not be ignored, we need to choose carefully.
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