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Daily Maintenance of Low Temperature Freezer

Low temperature freezer, which is also called industrial refrigerator, is mainly used for industrial cold treatment, the increase of wear-resisting property and friction of metals. Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd in Wuxi is a leading role in the national Low Temperature Freezer Ranking List and its professionals make a conclusion about the related routine maintenance particularly. Also low temperature freezer price is the keypoint of its quality.

Every specialist is responsible for corresponding low temperature freezer in the industry, thus other personnel without the permission of operators will be not allowed to use the equipment. To ensure the time of duration for opening of low temperature freezer should not be over 5 minutes with more than 20-minute interval. It is suggest from Low Temperature Freezer Ranking List that a detailed record ought to be done about the opening and closing time as well as the exceptional situations. When abnormal conditions occur, equipment control sections should be reported with a record.

Low temperature freezer applies the artificial method for frost removal, and automatic cycle of freezing and thawing will degrade the biological samples. If the low temperature freezer of LNEYA in Wuxi of Low-Temperature Ranking Freezer List has worked for 24 months, it has to be killing frost once. Of course, the manager can decide whether the time should be earlier or not according to the physical truth, but every 24-month interval should be carried on at most. Before defrosting, enough dry ice ought to be prepared well. When the samples are taken out from freezer, they should be put into dry ice quickly and covered with a certain number of them. Then, a next step is to transfer them to the storage device in reserve.

Low Temperature Freezer Ranking List advises that the power supply of freezer should be turned off when all samples are settled down and open the door of freezer so as to melt the frosted ice gradually. It is banned to use metal tools to remove rime ice of in wall of freezer forcibly in case of the damage to the box. After the rime ice melt completely, to use a clean duster cloth to dry the residual moisture content inside, then to open the door for 1 to 2 hours, finally to close the door and power up.

After the completion of low temperature freezer and before the restocking of samples, the low temperature freezer should operate above 16 hours in order that the in-wall temperature of box can be down to target temperature and reach equilibrium states. After the defrosting finishes, the samples will be transferred back to the equipment based on the original storage location.

Numerous brands are in the Low Temperature Freezer Ranking List, which is important for buyers to be cautious. Generally, all of them can lengthen the service life of wear-out part directly, generally apply for thermal contraction of copper bush and bearing , and extensively use for sophisticated mechanized equipment .

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