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Power battery test dedicated cooling circulating water machine Chiller equipment description

Power battery test dedicated cooling circulating water machine Chiller equipment description

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In the development of the new energy battery motor industry, its temperature has a great impact on battery performance. The safety and reliability of electric vehicle battery packs and motors can be further improved by the power battery test dedicated cooling water machine Chiller.
At present, electric vehicles mainly use air cooling, liquid cooling, heat pipe cooling, phase change material cooling, etc. in the cooling mode. Air cooling is still the main method used, air cooling is easier to achieve, but the cooling effect is not good. The air-cooling system is that when the temperature is too high, the BMS drives the fan to rotate to reduce the temperature inside the battery pack. In the design of the air-cooling system, the main design is the design of the cooling air duct of the battery box and the selection of the fan. Liquid cooled components include water cooled piping, cooling pumps, cooling valves, and cooling plates. The cooling plate is one of the more critical components in the battery-packed liquid cooling system, and the selection of the cooling plate is crucial. Liquid cooling is currently the mainstream cooling method. In the battery module of the universal Volt, there is a cooling fin between every two batteries, and the cooling fin is connected to the cooling plate. Phase-change cooling is a way to use materials to change between three phases of solid-liquid gas, to absorb heat when the heating element is working, and to dissipate heat when not working.

The heat-related issues of a battery are key factors in determining its performance, safety, longevity, and cost of use. The temperature level of an electric vehicle battery directly affects the energy and power performance in its use. When the temperature is low, the available capacity of the battery will rapidly decay. When the battery is charged at too low a temperature, an instantaneous voltage overcharge phenomenon may occur, causing internal lithium deposition and further causing a short circuit.

LNEYA power battery test dedicated cooling circulating water machine Chiller adopts fully enclosed pipeline design, high efficiency plate heat exchanger, used for lifting temperature and constant temperature control in new energy battery and motor test, especially suitable for heat demand during test. Exothermic process control. Not only can the temperature be controlled, but also the flow rate and pressure can be controlled. The temperature range of the product is -40 degrees to 135 degrees, and the antifreeze flow control range is 2~20L/min. The product provides high and low temperature testing of antifreeze liquid and flow and pressure control of antifreeze for new energy automobile motor and battery pack. The product can be tested in a high-low temperature environment such as a battery pack, and provides high temperature, low temperature, control flow, pressure and the like for the battery pack.

From this point of view, the new energy battery motor cooling device - power battery test dedicated cooling water machine Chiller is also a major direction in the future, can promote the efficient development of the new energy industry.
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