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What misunderstandings should I avoid when choosing a TCU temperature control system?

Only consider the process of TCU temperature control system: different manufacturers, due to their own processing capabilities, practical application experience, used accessories, recommended habits and other factors, often do not understand a certain use requirement and process conditions of the user. Very thorough, the design selection will be biased. These can easily affect the quality of the equipment.

Only consider the power of TCU temperature control system: Many customers only compare the heating power when purchasing, but in addition to this factor, there is actually pump power. Under the same heating power or temperature, the pump is too small and the flow is insufficient. It also fails to meet the requirements of the production process. Excessive pump selection will cause unnecessary energy loss.

The temperature control system has different models, different structures, different material specifications, and different quality positioning requirements. The price is not comparable, and there will be a big gap in the performance during use.

Only consider the price of TCU temperature control system: Don't be greedy for cheap, price is not a factor, but also depends on the manufacturer's technical power, manufacturing capacity, corporate reputation, and after-sales service.

In summary, when purchasing a temperature control system, customers must avoid misunderstandings and look for equipment that suits them from multiple angles. I hope to help you who are choosing. Regarding the purchase and use of the reactor refrigeration and heating cycle device, you are welcome to consult LNEYA.

LNEYA TCU temperature control system is available from -100℃~+300℃, which is suitable for the constant temperature control needs of most enterprises. Guanya refrigeration products have a temperature control accuracy of ±1℃, and the corresponding products can be provided with cooling power from 6kW to 1200kW. Users can provide specific working conditions, and relevant technical personnel can make specific selection and design solutions according to their needs.

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