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LNEYA: Concentrate on designing every detail to create brilliant

LNEYA utilizes the outstanding talents in the field of refrigeration and heating temperature control, and has a strong technical background. It has a well-known high-end R&D team in the industry. It is a high-end R&D and application team for the production, sales and after-sales of the industry, focusing on solving customers' wide temperature refrigeration heating. Temperature control challenges and reduced energy consumption in refrigeration and heating systems, providing competitive system solutions and services to continue to create greater value for customers.

LNEYA has won high praise in the temperature control instrument market by virtue of high-end refrigeration heating control technology. It has introduced refrigeration heating temperature control system, TCU, new energy battery motor test temperature control unit, heating circulator, refrigeration heating circulator and other equipment. It has also continuously expanded the refrigeration equipment market and introduced refrigeration equipment such as industrial refrigerators, ultra-low temperature freezer boxes, freezers, cryogenic refrigeration circulators, and cooling water circulators. The design of refrigeration heating equipment with every detail has made Wuxi Guanya highly rated. The perfect after-sales service is deeply appreciated by users. The vision of Wuxi Guanya is to become the benchmark enterprise of the temperature control instrument industry. Adhere to the concept of honesty, passion, dedication and gratitude, teamwork, teaching and learning attitude, customer first The result of quality first, and the customer's confidence and peace of mind with sincerity and heart. As always, the company has been relentlessly helping customers to improve their productivity, focusing on customer needs, and providing them with personalized, professional and customized expert services.

LNEYA has been stumbling from the beginning of its establishment, and now it is the leader in the temperature control equipment industry. It has won the trust and recognition of customers with strong technical advantages and high quality service. At the same time, it also insists on creating value for customers and creating a win-win situation. situation. Have an excellent temperature control technology team, a market-savvy marketing team, an infinitely passionate sales team, a dedicated after-sales team, relying on the sincere cooperation between the teams, with excellent quality, reasonable price and excellent service. Wuxi Guanya believes that it can be used in the domestic market and become a professional brand in the temperature control instrument industry.

It is believed that in 2018, LNEYA will continue to maintain a steady development speed with the market and policy. With a solid development concept, it will fly high and fly for nine days!
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