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Vocs gas condensation recovery unit processing instructions

With the continuous inspection of environmental protection, Wuxi LNEYA VOCS gas condensation recovery device has also received continuous attention from the public. Most chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial industries are urgently dealing with vocs gas.

The so-called VOCS is a volatile organic compound, and its composition generally includes an alkane, an olefin, an aromatic hydrocarbon, a halogenated hydrocarbon, an oxygenated hydrocarbon, a nitrogen hydrocarbon, a sulfur hydrocarbon, a low boiling polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, and the like. At present, most of the vocs gas is caused by industrial pollution, so the Wuxi Guanya vocs gas condensation recovery device is applied to the respiratory volatilization loss of the emptying valve in the storage tank area; the stochastic volatilization loss of the tank truck in the loading and unloading area; The solvent evaporation loss of the stirred reaction kettle; the various volatile chemicals loading, chemical storage and transportation, and the recovery of various volatile VOCS gases generated by the chemical pharmaceutical industry.

Wuxi LNEYA's vocs gas condensation recovery unit is used for VOCS gas single material or multi-material condensation recovery. For hydrocarbon gases such as gasoline, crude oil, fuel oil, kerosene, diesel oil, heavy oil, mixed hydrocarbons, aromatic gases such as benzene, toluene, and Toluene, styrene, naphtha, etc., alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters, etc., vocs gas condensation recovery device will introduce volatile VOCS gas into the equipment cold box (the device is more condensing temperature set 3 ° C -40 ° C -75 ° C -115 ° C) can be customized for other temperature zones, follow-up requirements for condensing liquefaction. Part of the continuous production process has done a two-way switching process in the low temperature section (after one side of the ice block, it is directly switched to another heat exchange cold box condensation, while the ice block side is treated with defrost). For the recovery of solvent gas, it can meet the environmental emission standards of exhaust gas according to the demand; if the gas has low boiling point gas, it can be separated and treated again by activated carbon adsorption, membrane treatment and other processes to make the emission gas meet environmental protection requirements.

In fact, vocs gas has a relatively large impact on our lives. In winter, due to various air pollution, our life and environment can not be underestimated. Generally, it can be treated by adsorption and condensation. Adsorption can be carried out by sorbent and VOCS. Physical or chemical reaction removal, suitable for the removal of low and medium concentrations of VOCS contaminants, this method is relatively efficient and easy to control, but not suitable for high concentration of pollutants.
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