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Vocs equipment industry heat exchanger type description

Every accessory in the vocs device has its function, so every accessory in the vocs device can't be less. So what is the heat exchanger in the Wuxi LNEYA vocs device? What are the main types?

Tank heat exchanger: Compared with the traditional heat exchanger, the tank heat exchanger has high heat exchange efficiency, small volume, convenient water circulation, water inlet at the bottom of the waterway, easy drainage, and can effectively reduce dirt. Moreover, the tank heat exchanger can be used as an evaporator and a condenser, or can be connected and piped in parallel or in series to meet the requirements of a large system.

Plate heat exchanger: Since the plate heat exchanger adopts the method of fluid heat dissipation, the heat dissipation efficiency is very high, which can reach 95%. In the two industries, the heat exchange efficiency can reach such a high number of products.

Casing heat exchanger: Although the heat dissipation efficiency of the tube-type heat exchanger can only reach about 75% relative to the plate heat exchanger, it is easy to freeze and block compared to the tube heat exchanger, and the sleeve type is changed. The heat exchanger does not have this problem.

Evaporative condenser: Unlike other two products, evaporative condenser is neither an air-cooled heat exchanger nor a water-cooled heat exchanger. It combines the advantages of air cooling and water cooling to form its own powerful heat dissipation. effectiveness.

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger: As a veteran product in water-cooled heat exchangers, shell-and-tube heat exchangers are mainly used in large equipment such as refrigeration and refrigeration. This is due to the fact that once the failure of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger affects the entire system, it will inevitably cause great losses. Therefore, the shell-and-tube heat exchanger is highly demanding in terms of quality.

Finned heat exchangers: The chip heat exchangers have been developed for a long time in the refrigeration equipment industry and have a wide range of applications. Because fin-type heat exchangers are prone to irreversible damage to products due to external forces during long-distance transportation, the requirements for transportation and logistics of their products are relatively high. In order to reduce costs, finned heat exchangers are produced. It is spread all over the country to facilitate the development of the refrigeration industry.

Regardless of the type of heat exchanger, LNEYA vocs equipment selects the heat exchanger of the brand manufacturer when selecting the type of heat exchanger to ensure efficient operation of the vocs equipment.
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