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Vocs adsorption equipment refrigeration temperature control instructions

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, each factory has also concentrated the processing of vocs gas generated in production. LNEYA vocs adsorption equipment can process various vocs gases. So how much do you know about vocs adsorption refrigeration temperature control?

The vocs adsorption water temperature control controls the flow rate of water flowing through the cooling tower by adjusting the bypass valve of the inlet and outlet water inlet pipe of the cooling side cooling tower and the regulating valve of the inlet and outlet water pipes, and ensures the constant temperature of the hot water side outlet water by controlling the frequency of the variable frequency fan.

The vocs adsorption pump frequency control controls the frequency of the hot water pump through the water supply pressure to keep the water supply pressure within the set range. The variable frequency control of the water pump maintains the unfavorable constant pressure difference of the circuit by changing the frequency of the water pump. The remote or near-end disadvantageous points can be selected according to the actual situation of the project for control. During the frequency adjustment process, the frequency of running the pump is always the same.

The functions and control strategies that can be realized by the secondary variable flow water system for vocs adsorption refrigeration are as follows:

Since the equipment room is already running, and the pipelines and sensors in the equipment room are not allowed to have any increase or decrease and changes, and no sensors are installed on the bypass pipe, the chilled water supply main pipe is not equipped with the main pipe outlet temperature sensor. In order to avoid the surge and stability of the centrifuge, it is necessary to meet the principle of the centrifuge operation after the first screw machine is operated. When the system cold load is ≤800 cold tons, the centrifuge is turned off and the two screw machines are started.

The number of vocs adsorption chilled water primary pump and cooling water pump is the same as the number of running units. It has the function of pump running time accumulation. The next pump is determined according to the running time of the pump. When the pump fails, it will give a fault in the central station. Alarm, remind you to carry out water pump maintenance operations. The secondary pump variable frequency control maintains the unfavorable constant pressure difference of the secondary circuit by changing the pump frequency. This value can be controlled according to the actual situation of the project to select the remote or near-end disadvantageous points.

The vocs adsorption equipment refrigeration temperature control as shown above, LNEYA vocs adsorption equipment, vocs gas condensation recovery unit for solvent gas recovery treatment, according to the requirements of 20g / m3 of exhaust gas environmental emission standards.
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