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Thermal oil heating system installation and fault analysis

When the heat transfer oil heating system device is installed, it is necessary to pay attention to the system to avoid some faults during installation. If a fault occurs, it is necessary to understand the faults related to the heat transfer oil heating system device.

The faults of the heat transfer oil heating system device can be roughly divided into two categories: mechanical fault and system fault. Mechanical fault refers to the detachment and damage of the heating device, fuel blockage, circulation pump, valve leakage, etc. are collectively referred to as mechanical faults, and mechanical faults can pass through small and medium Overhaul to solve.

Heat transfer oil heating system device system failure needs to pay attention to whether the heat transfer oil heating system device is designed reasonably, install and use the standard heating system. After the heat transfer oil is operated for a period of time under high temperature conditions, a series of changes are inevitable. For example, the viscosity increases, the residual carbon increases, etc., which causes the system to have abnormal pressure and difficulty in heating. If it cannot be solved in time and effectively, the situation will deteriorate rapidly. The reason is that the heat transfer oil will be in the furnace after carbonization. The inner surface of the tube forms coking, and the formation of the coke layer will intensify the carbonization speed of the oil film. Such a vicious cycle will not only quickly scrap the oil, but also cause high temperature oxidation and peeling of the outer surface of the tube, and the tube wall becomes thinner and thinner. ".

In addition, a considerable part is an irregular heating system. In some systems, the heating furnace is self-made or modified; some systems lack the necessary accessories such as circulation pump and expansion tank, and some models and sizes are unreasonable. The problem of electric heating system is even more serious. The service life of heat transfer oil is short, and frequent system failure is a common problem. Therefore, it is very important to choose a regular heat conduction oil heating system device manufacturer.

The related faults of the heat transfer oil heating system device need to be solved in a timely and effective manner at the beginning of the occurrence, so as to avoid the improper disposal of the heat transfer oil heating system device.

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