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Efficient operation of high and low temperature integrated machine

To ensure more efficient operation of the high and low temperature integrated machine, you should select the appropriate type of equipment and solve the problem in time.

The selection of high and low temperature integrated machines requires some process requirements of the screw type high and low temperature integrated machine, such as cooling effect, cooling capacity, power and refrigerant type. According to the cold load and application considerations, it is easy to adjust and save energy. It is preferred to use high-low temperature integrated machine with high performance coefficient, considering the factors such as water temperature and flow, inlet water temperature, flow rate and fouling coefficient.

The high and low temperature integrated machine has a high voltage failure, and the compressor discharge pressure is too high, resulting in the action of the high voltage protection relay. If the long-term pressure is too high, it will lead to excessive operating current of the compressor, easy to burn the motor, and easily cause damage to the valve port of the compressor exhaust port. The correct way should be to control the compressor discharge pressure within the safe range!

The high and low temperature integrated machine has a low valve temperature failure, and the outlet temperature of the expansion valve reflects the evaporation temperature, which is a factor affecting the heat exchange. Generally, it has a temperature difference of 5.0 to 6.0 ° C from the outlet water of the refrigerant water. When a low valve temperature fault occurs, the compressor will stop. When the valve temperature rises, it will automatically resume operation with a protection value of -2.0 °C.

The high and low temperature integrated machine compressor overheat fault, the thermistor is embedded in the compressor motor winding, and the resistance is generally 1kΩ. When the winding is overheated, the resistance value will increase rapidly. When the winding exceeds 141kΩ, the thermal protection module SSM will operate, the unit will be shut down, and the overheat fault will be displayed. The TH fault indicator will be on.

Low and low pressure integrated compressor low pressure fault compressor suction pressure is too low, resulting in low voltage protection relay action. If the suction pressure is low, the amount of return air is small, the cooling capacity is insufficient, and the electric energy is wasted. The heat of the compressor motor for return air cooling is poor, and the motor is easily damaged! The solution is the same as the high pressure fault, try to keep the compressor within the normal pressure range.

Understand the above phenomenon in order to operate better and more efficiently. LNEYA high and low temperature integrated machine adopts a fully closed circulation pipeline system. During operation, the pressure will not rise due to high temperature, and the low temperature will automatically replenish the heat transfer medium.
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