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High and low temperature integrated machine equipment blockage instructions

If the high and low temperature integrated machine equipment is running for a long time, if it is not taken care of, it may cause the high and low temperature integrated machine equipment to be blocked. How to solve the equipment blockage?

The first thing to do is to disconnect the power supply of the equipment, open the process pipe nozzle on the compressor, disconnect the return pipe connected to the compressor of the equipment, install the repair valve, and seal it with the welding tool. A small length of copper tube tail on the low voltage side. Then disconnect the connection between the dry filter and the capillary, disconnect the compressor from the evaporator, and install a repair valve at the evaporator inlet. Charge the refrigerant from the return pipe into the evaporator and discharge it from the capillary. When the refrigerant is discharged, the charging is stopped. At this time, the dried ammonia gas is injected into the evaporator from the return pipe at a pressure of 1 MPa, so that the high-pressure brick-mixed ammonia gas is discharged from the capillary together with the refrigerant, and the charging is stopped after the cooling of the capillary port is not fogged. Ammonia. Because the dry ammonia gas has the function of absorbing moisture, it absorbs the moisture in the evaporator and the capillary, and brings the moisture out of the system with the circulation, and the refrigerant has the lipophilic property, and can be accumulated by using this characteristic. The refrigeration oil and other impurities in the pipeline are also discharged out of the system along with the cycle.

Separating the compressor of the high and low temperature integrated machine from the condenser, and installing a repair valve at the condensing inlet, charging the condenser with the refrigerant, and discharging it from the drying filter port. When the refrigerant is discharged from the filter port to be dried , stop charging. The high-pressure dry ammonia gas of 1 MPa was injected from the repair valve to the condenser, and after 2 minutes, when it was confirmed that no dirt and moisture were discharged, the dry ammonia gas was stopped and the ammonia gas cylinder valve was closed. The purpose of this is to extract moisture from the condenser and to release the oil from the system.

First connect the condenser return port of the high and low temperature integrated machine equipment to the compressor process port, and solder it with silver electrode, and then replace the dry filter. At the same time, it is injected from the compressor process port, and then soaked into the soap water. By observing whether there is a bubble, the weld of the whole system is leaked. If there is a bubble, the ammonia gas is released and re-welded with the silver electrode. Repeat the above inspection procedure for injecting gas to observe the bubbles until no bubbles emerge and there is no leakage.

Connect the pressure vacuum gauge to the compressor process nozzle of the high and low temperature integrated machine. The valve head is connected with the vacuum pump by the pressure hose. The vacuum is applied to the system for about 1 hour. The pressure in the system drops to -0.1. When the pressure is below MPa, stop vacuuming, close the pressure gauge valve, remove the vacuum pump, connect the refrigerant cylinder, and charge the system with gas in the form of gas. When the charge reaches 80% of the total amount, stop charging and connect. On the power supply, start the compression. After 10 minutes, refill the refrigerant until the required total amount is reached. Then test the machine for more than 3 hours to see if there is any blockage. Is the temperature drop inside the box normal? If it is normal, the process tube can be used. The mouth is sealed.

The blockage of the high and low temperature integrated machine equipment is solved according to these steps, and the equipment also needs regular maintenance and maintenance to make the equipment run more efficiently.
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