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High and low temperature humidity test chamber performance

Applicable to aerospace products, information electronic instruments and meters, materials, electrician, electronic products, all kinds of electronic vitality in high and low temperature or hot and humid environment, test its performance indicators

Performance characteristics:

1. It has wide temperature control range, which can meet the needs of users.
2. With a unique balanced temperature control method, with stable and balanced heating capacity, high precision and high stable temperature control can be carried out;The temperature is displayed by touch screen, easy to read, precise and convenient.
3. The temperature error can be adjusted to meet your more accurate test conditions.
4. It has the function of automatically selecting the running refrigeration circuit with the setting of temperature, and the operation is simple.
5. The box door is equipped with a large observation window, which can observe the test status of the test sample at any time.
6. with functions of high temperature on, can be in when the temperature in the oven to 100 ℃, can open the refrigerator, facilitate continuous round-trip experiment was carried out between the high temperature and low temperature.
7. It has the functions of self-diagnosis, overload protection of refrigerator, high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, etc., to ensure the safety of use.
8. Use a multi-wing fan to circulate the wind in a strong way to avoid any dead Angle, so that the temperature can be evenly distributed in the test area.
9. Wind circulation is designed with wind return wind. The wind pressure and wind speed are in accordance with the test standard.
10. Temperature rise, cooling and system complete independence can improve efficiency, reduce test cost, increase life span and reduce failure rate.
11. The water tank is placed on the side of the unit, and there is water shortage and automatic protection, so as to facilitate the operator to replenish the water supply.
12. The humidification system pipeline is separated from the control circuit board, which can avoid the failure of water leakage in the humidified pipeline and improve the safety.
13. The system of waterway system is opened by door, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.
14. In refrigeration system, air cooling or water cooling is adopted in condensation.
Performance characteristics
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